Monday, November 4, 2013

Virtual Tour of my office

Before visiting another country, it is nice to check out the lay of the land. When looking to rent new apartment, I always want to check it out first. When interviewing for a new job, I even take that as an opportunity to interview that company or person to see if I want to work with them. I am thinking the same might be true for my clients, so I would love to virtually show you around my office.

At 2825 Marine St. in Boulder, CO you will find The Marine Street Wellness Center. It is a brick, Victorian home that has been retrofitted to serve the community of Boulder, CO by providing a place for private practitioners of healing arts to welcome their clients.
Upon walking into the front door, you will turn left and pass a kitchen. A set of stairs can be found there which lead you to a lovely waiting room.
Take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs and listen to the sounds of water quietly dripping from a nearby fountain. My office is in suite C, the door to which can be found within this very waiting room.

Welcome to my office! This room is where I provide integrated massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, Reiki treatments, and wellness coaching. I do hope you visit for real soon and receive some of my healing arts work.

Enjoy the evening and be well!

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