Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buy your massage sessions in packages & save money!

Many feel that massage is an expensive luxury. Although we all place value differently, when you break down the cost of ONE 60 minute massage session with me each month, it is a spend of $2.16/day in a 30 day month.

Think about it...
Just yesterday I spent $4.17 on a 12 oz. Bhakti chai and it didn't feel expensive. Yet, it is more expensive than a massage each month.

If you want to drop that price even more, buy your sessions in packages. I offer the following prepaid package deals designed to help you make it even more affordable and friendly on your budget.
Four 60 minute sessions for $230 (Savings of $30!)
Four 90 minute sessions for $320 (Savings of $40!)

Note: $1109 is the amount the average American worker spends on coffee in a year (Source: A 2013 Accounting Principals survey of 1020 employed Americans)