Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart-Centered February

Yesterday, while having lunch with friends, I was inspired. As a friend was telling a story of a recent experience she had with someone where she had to keep herself in check, she proclaimed, "I had to keep my heart so fresh and so clean." Apparently all at the table were Outkast fans as we all busted into laughter. It wasn't until later, while refreshing my memory of the message of our heart center, that I realized that her expression was not just a clever lyrical placement. Anahata, the Sanskrit name for our Heart Chakra, means unstruck, unhurt, fresh and clean.

Within our heart center we find an integration of the mind and the body. It is the place where our blood flows from and to, our breath moves in and out, our arms outstretch to touch the world around us with healing vibrations. As an offering to the Universal Anahata, during the heart-centered month of February, I will be giving all new clients their first hour of bodywork for the price of $45/hour. That's $15 off my regular price as a way of thanking you for your choice to care for your heart, mind, body and soul. May all of our hearts be so fresh and so clean.

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